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Failed masonry occurs from a number of potential problems such as:

    • Thermal movement
    • Wall-tie failure
    • Damaged or poor drainage undermining foundations
    • Weathering
    • Tree root systems
    • Increased loads (imposed loads)
    • Environmental change-excess or minimal rainfall – this comes under soil shrinkability which is covered by the plasticity index

D.L.C. Structural will identify the one or more causes then implement the structural repair strategy for each individual project. For a successful structural repair strategy we offer various systems of structural reinforcement using the Helifix system. With our specialist knowledge we are able to offer advanced remedial repair strategies and provide a rapid, versatile and cost effective means of restoring full structural integrity to any building or structure where masonry has failed and lost its load bearing capabilities.

The effect of failed wall ties.

Failed wall-tie.

Failure of foundation resulted in failure of masonry to both inner and outer leaf.

Failed foundation due to a high sulphur content in the sub-soil – which as a result caused heave.

Effects of failed wall-ties combined with horizontal movement.

Effects of a collapsed drainage system:

Failed load bearing timber beam.

Failure of foundation resulted in failure of masonry to both inner and outer leaf.

Failure of masonry continued into the ‘Party’ wall in the roof-space.

Effects of a collapsed foundation.

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